When a relative dies, grief can make clear thinking difficult. If you wait until then to plan the funeral, you may not get the funeral you would have wanted – a funeral that would have truly reflected and celebrated your life. You may pay far more than you would like to or leave difficult decision making financially and personally for your family to deal with. That’s why we encourage you to plan now, before you have to, so it is less stressful for all concerned. We hope this prompts you to do some thinking about funerals now, whilst you have the time!

Being prepared and recording your own choices is very astute, and something we encourage, if not for yourself, then to lift the decision making burden from those left behind.


Preplanning Form

We’ve included a form here with the details required for formal registration of death, and a brief space to note down some specific personal requirements.


It is always a sensible idea, if you are worried about costs to your family after you die, to open up a Funeral Prepaid fund with either an insurance company, bank or financial institution offering this service. We have such a fund with the BNZ called Client Funds, where your funds are invested on your behalf free of charge, with no hidden costs. This fund can only be accessed upon your death, but remember, tell a family member, lawyer or executor that you have a fund to avoid double payment of funeral expenses.


Prepaying Form

Here is the form you will need to set-up a prepaid funeral. Please fill this out and then give us a call to make an appointment to come in and see us.
Links to other information pamphlets to assist you, downloadable PDF’s:
Funeral Costs  – A guide to cost options 
What Now Checklist  – A guide to help after a death 
Care OptionsDeceased Preparation options
Natural Burials  &  Ecoprep   Natural options

 Our short video all about pre-arranging funerals.  

Video refers to a workbook, this is our Pre-Needs pack we can send you,
but much of this information is also available from the PDFs on Services page and ones above