Kapiti Coast Funeral Home Live Stream

We stream our funeral services for the benefit of the families using our chapel and other venues, so extended family and friends in New Zealand and worldwide can watch the service. While we welcome all who knew the deceased to join with them, we ask that you do not on-share, or download any service without the family’s express permission.

  1. Click on the picture/link below to take you to the correct service and location.
  2. Services only play in the correct web stream, so you need to choose correct chapel location, currently two options.
  3. The service will start automatically, approximately 10 minutes before, you should see a slideshow or a black screen before this.
Kapiti Coast Funeral Home Chapel live stream

Broadcasts start 10 minutes before the service

Live stream at Kapiti Crematorium

Broadcasts start 10 minutes before the service

Mobile LiveStream

Public recordings only available for 30 days
Family may request a service to be sent to them

Videos about funeral stuff

About Funeral Home and information videos