1. Direct Disposition

This is a burial or cremation where no family attend a gathering of any sort. The disposition generally takes place within 24 hours of the death and totally at a time convenient to fit around other Funeral Home bookings. It does not include any other charges such as newspaper notices, flowers, venues etc. The Funeral Interview will be attended by one of our Funeral Directors, however the disposition may be attended by junior staff.

A Direct Disposition Includes:

Professional Fees

Providing all administration facilities and staff, including 24 hour call staff, available to receive initial call. Receiving initial phone call for assistance, and arranging for deceased to be uplifted from place of death, including liaison with care staff, and medical practitioner. Initial discussion with representative to arrange time for inter view to take instructions. Attendance for interview at location of client family choice, and discussions with family offering choices and options available. Basic dignity attendance to deceased; Providing documentation & equipment to facilitate these discussions including completion of burial or cremation documentation and lodgement and processing of same; Either attendance at medical referee or completion and lodgement of burial warrant. Data entry of all records, including Registration of Death and lodgement of the same. Concluding administrative activities including invoicing, paying other charges incurred on clients behalf, and forwarding any mail.

Vehicle Use

This also includes Transfer of the Deceased from a Venue within the Wellington or Kapiti Coast District; and later, once documents for cremation are signed and medical referee attended, transportation to Kapiti Crematorium.

Casket— Direct Cremation Casket.

This casket is a cardboard casket together with a plywood base. Made from re-enforced cardboard, the caskets are strong and durable and can withstand weights up to 120kg. The deceased has a simple pillow placed under their head.

Cremation Costs

Cremation costs at Kapiti Crematorium. This includes: The actual cost of the cremation; A special Kapiti Biodegradable Cremation urn; Medical referee fees.

Other Charges—

There are no other charges included in the Direct Disposition Funeral. Any other charges added will not just be directly added to the costs but will also affect the Professional Fee.

Indicative Cost for Direct Disposition

– Cremation $3,750.00 (incl GST)

– Burial in Kapiti $6,208.00 (incl GST)

Helpful Financial Information

Funeral Prepayments

You may wish to consider pre-paying your funeral. As with pre-organising the funeral, this arrangement can help relieve loved ones of emotional and financial concerns.

The Kapiti Coast Funeral Home has brochures available on pre-payment schemes.

Financial Assistance

Accident Compensation Corporation:

There is a grant available from ACC for a death by accident. Claims are assessed by ACC, and forms are available through the Funeral Home or local ACC office. Presently the maximum ACC funeral grant is currently $6,021.11

Income Support Service:

The WINZ funeral grant may be available to the partner, child, parent or guardian or funeral director of someone who has died, to help towards the cost of the funeral. The grant is currently $1,971.37 and is income and asset tested.

The basic principle applied by WINZ is that you should be using the deceased persons finances to pay for a funeral service. The WINZ funeral grant is only seen as a “top up” towards a funeral account.