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This is a brief guideline to help you through your journey of grief. This page does not have all the answers or cover everything you will experience. Rather, this is an outline to heighten your awareness of what lies ahead, (and to show you where further help can be found should you need it). For example our bereavement service is there to assist as you journey through your bereavement (for details and contact information see the bottom of the page). There are also many good books available.

To talk with the Bereavement Support Manager at the Loss & Grief Centre (Link to number)

Merryn Malcolm Centre Manager

What is grief and why do we need to grieve?

Grief is what follows the death of someone you love. Grief is a process, not a state. The process takes time to work properly and cannot be rushed. Grieving is normal and healthy. Grief is a natural function by which you will make a healthy adjustment to the significant loss in your life. However, society can make it difficult for you to grieve openly and naturally. This is where a bereavement support person can be invaluable. Your way of grieving will be a uniquely personal experience. Grief is NOT about forgetting, or the painful letting go of memories. Rather grieving is a process where good memories are affirmed and bad memories are healed. The grief process has common patterns:

  • Feelings of shock
  • Deep emotions and sadness, sometimes relief
  • Tears and laughter
  • Depression and loneliness
  • Physical symptoms of distress
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Hostility and resentment
  • Difficulty in continuing usual daily activities
  • Adjusting to a new way of living.

Your grief can often affect the way you see yourself and the way you look at the world. A bereavement support person will accompany you as you navigate the changes and move forward into your new future. It is very important to recognise and work through your feelings. Repressing grief, and failure to allow this natural healing process to take its course can take a toll in many ways.

A support person who cares is vital.

It is of great value to share your feelings with at least one trusted person. You may have supportive friends and family to talk with, but many people find it is easier to speak freely with someone independent, who they don’t know personally. Our bereavement support team is there for this purpose. A bereavement support person will:

  • Spend time with you
  • Listen to you and allow you to express opinions without passing judgement
  • Support you as you make adjustments and move forward into your future
  • Respect and value you through your time of pain and respect your vulnerability
  • Provide the names of professionals who can help if it is felt that is what is needed.

It is important for you to remember that:

  • Your grief is for you
  • Your grief is unique
  • Your grief is healthy
  • You can’t do all your grieving alone.

Our Bereavement Support Service offers:

  • Moral support and a friendly listening ear
  • Referrals to Agencies and Counsellors when required
  • Use of our library of practical and informative books
  • Contact with groups and other Organisations
  • Practical help with:
    • Filling in forms
    • Income support approaches
    • Closing Bank accounts
    • Organising home help

Book List

We also have a number of written resources available.
Please contact us to talk with us about accessing them. The list of what is available can be seen by clicking the download button.

After The Funeral

After a death, there is so much to cover, so we have put together a check list to help.

Support Brochure

A brochure about our bereavement service. You're welcome to download it.